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Terms of Use (TOU)

UPDATED 01/17/2012

The current Terms Of Use (TOU) of all items on this site is stated below.   They override all other previous Terms Of Use,  including those that may be in the purchased files.  Please review thoroughly before purchasing any items.

Please do not make any assumptions for the use of the items/clip art on this site.  If there are any questions regarding the use of any item on this site, please feel free to contact us. 

All graphics and clip art sold on Scrappin' Graphics  are copyright protected by their artist and cannot be be altered, copied, resold, transferred, disassembled or used in any other form other that what it was intended. 

In other words, if you purchased a printable, you cannot use render graphics for another printable or purpose.   Graphics must be purchased from an authorized vendor separately.

All graphics and clip art CANNOT be sold in its original form.   They must be made into something else.

Cheryl Seslar Designs Graphics, Clip Art  & Printables ONLY:

Cheryl Seslar Ugraded Seller Logo  

Scrappin' Graphics  is a licensed reseller for Cheryl Seslar Designs.  All Cheryl Seslar's graphics purchased on this site can be used for commercial use.  All graphics are copyrighted by Cheryl Seslar and must comply to her Terms Of Use.  

You  MAY:

  • You may use these items for Commercial Use without a license. 
  • Clip art and graphics can be used to create web sets, scrap kits or printables. 
  • New items created with these graphics, can be sold ONLY on eBay, Etsy or Cafe Press / Zazzle or your own website as a download item or on a CD.   There are restrictions regarding Multi-Vendor website.  See below.
  • Use them in your own handmade creations for resale
  • And of course, you can used them for personal use.

You may NOT

  • Sell Cheryl Seslar graphics in their original form or use them to create new clip art.
  • Sell Cheryl Seslar graphics or anything you create from them at online craft malls or multi-vendor websites unless you have one of Cheryl Seslars's Professional licenses (such as for Teachers Pay Teachers, craftsUprint and Card Making Downloads etc.) (refer to her license for more information).  EXCLUDED FROM THIS LICENSE ARE AIMEE ASHER and DAISIE COMPANY since the exclusive rights to these sites have already been sold. 
  • Give away or share any of Cheryl Seslar's clip art, graphics or items incorporating them for free.  This includes groups or forums even Yahoo. 
  • Use them to create SVG or cutter files.


  • Give credit to all creations made with Cheryl's clip art bought on this site as follows:  Original artwork by Cheryl Seslar (with link to her site, purchased at Scrappin' Graphics (with link to our website,
  • If links are not allowed on your site, you still MUST include the above statement in the item description as exactly as follows:  Original Artwork by Cheryl Seslar purchased at Scrappin' Graphics (
  • Place our banner or button on your website (with a clickable link).  Please contact us to let us know where it is placed on your website.  You can copy and paste our banner/buttons on our Banner Page.

TOU For ALL Clip Art/Graphics (Including Cheryl Seslar):

  • All other clip art or graphics must be incorporated into something new such as printables, web sets, auction templates, digitized embroidery or elements in scrapbook kits.  They CANNOT NOT be sold or used as is or included in a kit without something being added to it.
  • All Graphics/Clip art CANNOT be re-colored or colorized.
  • Credit MUST be given on each page of ALL items created with graphics/clip art purchased at Scrappin' Graphics by linking to Scrappin' Graphics and the original artist as follows:  Original Artwork by "Name of Artist" (with link to artist's website) purchased at Scrappin' Graphics (link to our website,  A link to the original artist is always found in the description of each product. 
  • If links are not allowed on your site, you still MUST include the above statement in the item description as exactly as follows:  Original Artwork by "Name of Artist" (link to artist in parenthesis) purchased at Scrappin' Graphics (
  • The following statement is REQUIRED in your Terms Of Use file for each item made using clip art/graphics purchased at Scrappin' GraphicsOriginal Artwork by "Name of Artist" (link to artist website in parenthesis) and purchased at Scrappin' Graphics (
  • Printables or Printable Crafts sold on this site are for PERSONAL or BUSINESS USE only.   They can be used on physical items for resale (ie soap labels on soaps) They cannot be altered or resold in any way.  Personalizing printables for your own personal or business use is allowed.  Graphics in printables sold on Scrappin' Graphics cannot be rendered, resold or used in other projects or items.
  • Web Sets , Auction Templates, Online Store Designs sold on this site are for PERSONAL or BUSINESS USE only.  They MUST remain intact and cannot be altered or resold in any way.  Web sets, templates, and store designs can be personalized for an additional fee. Credit to the artist and Scrappin' Graphics' MUST be given on each page of your website as follows:  "Website Template created by Scrappin' Graphics (with link to Original Artwork by "Artist Name" (with link to artist's website)."   Artist and design credits MUST remain intact on auction templates and store designs. Graphics/Clip art used in web sets, templates and online store designs can be used online, in print ads, on business cards, office supplies, etc. but  CANNOT BE used to make a new auction templates or web set, online store design.  (In other words, if you purchase a web set, you cannot use the graphics in an auction template or online store)  These items MUST be purchased separately.
  • Scrapbook Kits and Elements can be used for personal use or scrap for hire.  They, their elements or their graphics CANNOT be used for any other purpose (ie printables or web sets) or resold.  Credit is not required but appreciated.
  • Graphics cannot be used to create or start a subscription club.
  • Graphics are for small business use only.  They cannot be use for mass production.

Graphic Terms for Reseller Clip Art Graphics:

Clip art graphics under our Resellers category and marked at Reseller can only be resold AS IS.  Upon purchasing reseller clip art, the customer purchases the Reseller's License to sell the graphics on ONE website only.   It is responsibility  of the customer to understand and abide by the Resellers TOU (Terms of Use) below:

You  MUST:

  • Sell graphics AS IS as individual collections, as they were sold to you. You cannot create anything new with them.
  • Give credit with links MUST be given to original artist and this website as follows: "Your Store/Website" is a licensed reseller for Scrappin' Graphics (  Original artwork by "artist" (link to artist website).
  • Email Scrappin' Graphics with your website name and URL and other important information.  If your website changes, you MUST email us the new name & URL.
  • Inform your customers of the TOU of these graphics.  Reseller/buyer must know and abide to the artist's TOU along with the TOU of Scrappin' Graphics.
  • Place our Reseller banner or button on your website (with a clickable link).  Please contact us to let us know where it is placed on your website.  You can copy and paste our banner/buttons on our Banner Page.

You may NOT

  • Alter, repackage or mix with another collection.  Original artist retains the copyright for their artwork.
  • Offer the graphics for free, in a graphics club or subscription club.
  • Sell graphics on more than ONE website.  If you would like to sell reseller graphics on more than website, you must purchase one collection for each website.
  • Transfer reseller license and graph;ics to another seller.
  • May not be resold in another reseller program.
  • Sell collections for under $1.

You May

  • Set own price for resale clip art but they cannot be sold for under $1.
  • Set you own TOU for graphics as long as you follow the artist terms and the terms listed here.
  • Sell the graphics unlimited number of times.
  • Sell the graphics for commercial use.
  • Use the preview file enclosed in the zip file.

Please read carefully

All graphics can be only used by the purchaser and not be transferred or sold to another party. The purchaser receives the right to use the graphics only as intended.  Items created with commercial use graphics/clip art from this site can only be sold on a single EBay/Esty user ID, website, person or for their own personal use. Scrappin' Graphics  holds the copyright for all web set, printable and scrapbooking designs, unless noted otherwise. The original artists hold all copyrights to the graphics.   Proper credit must be given.

All copyright information must be retained within all printables, templates, web sets or graphics.  They cannot be removed for any reason.

Graphics/clip art, printables/crafts. scrapbook kits/elements, and web sets (basically everything) must remain intact.  The only alterations that are allowed will be user or product specific text or graphics (i.e. item specific titles, comments, sayings or names and product-related photos, etc). Graphics cannot be interchangeable between any items.

All item sold on Scrappin' Graphics are non-refundable. But customer satisfaction is very important to us. Please contact us if there is a problem or you are unsatisfied in any way.

Scrappin' Graphics  customers are agreeing to the above terms on all items purchased on the site, whether they choose to read these terms or not. Scrappin' Graphics  reserves the right to change these terms at any time, without prior notice, so please re-read them from time to time.

Scrappin' Graphics  will revoke any customer's license if our Terms of Use are violated in any way.

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